The Music Producer Course

About Course

It's a professional certificate course designed by experienced Professional Music Producers themselves with utmost practical approach. Certificate is combinedly offered by MultiversalMusic Academy and filmix studios. This course is a step by step guide to become a world class Music Producer and this course has the most important and unique contents of music production. This course is a great for becoming a music producer in the music industry and also you can easily build your own music production setup with right knowledge and mind-set and deliver services to the artists & Music directors after completing this course also the starting sessions are in Recorded mode and some practical sessions will be conducted in live interactive mode.


Special Note:- This course is our dream project as I couldn’t find a single focussed course solely dedicated for Music Production from scratch to most advanced level. The Content in this course is completely designed by ourselves after many years of experience and hence, you wont find this syllabus structure anywhere else on the globe.

Course consists of 12+ modules covering most of the real life applications part required by professional Music Producer in the simplest way possible.

Each module consists of 5 to 10 minutes short but detailed explanation videos

Online + Offline sessions.


  • The UNIQUE content you will find no where!
  • Completion Certificate with verifiable QR code.
  • Fast learning.
  • Less time needed to get a head start.
  • Save money and time.
  • Get Professional Studio exposure.
  • Practical Focussed.
  • Learn from those already working as professionals in the industry.
  • Simplified content personally made by Professional Music Producer, Arranger & Singers.
  • Start earning earlier than any other Regular course.
  • Able to set up your own Music Production setup, we will give our personal recommendation and help you personally to build the setup according to your requirement.

Who can join this course?

  • Who dreams to work as a Music Producer in the film and music industry in the future.
  • Anyone who loves Music passionately without any knowledge, this course is also for them as this course is made in simplest way possible.
  • Music Composers who wants to proceed to advance stage and don’t want to rely on other Music arrangers for their Background Music needs.
  • Students who don’t want to spend lacs of rupees and vast time in learning in conventional way and want to start their professional journey as soon as possible.
  • Smart and passionate students who are currently pursuing formal education such as engineering, Law, Commerce or other who want the most professional course in simplest and fastest way.
  • IT and other working professionals who think to do some exciting stuff with music in their hectic work schedule and are passionate.
  • YouTube singers who wants to make reprise or new versions of famous trending songs for their audience.
  • Whoever dreams to have Studio exposure. (Offline Mode)
  • Anyone who wants to open their Music Production studio or home studio.

What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Fundamentals of Music Production.
  • 2.Fundamentals of Music Theory, Mix Indian Classical + Western.
  • 3. Different terminologies.
  • 4.Learn about different Instruments & Percussion and their application according to genres.
  • 5. Learn about song structure.
  • 6. Elements of Musical arrangement.
  • 7.How to Record Vocalist and Artist correctly.
  • 8. Able to produce music confidently with the help of DAW.
  • 9. Able to build your own Music Production setup and running within a few days.

Topics for this course

33 Lessons


We will learn how to attend this course and correct way to complete it in timely manner.
Welcome & How to complete this course?6:31


Some important skills you should be having before jumping to music production!


In this module, we will learn about the Music theory in details.


In this module, we will learn necessary terms and difficult concepts in sound engineering in simplest possible way.


In this module, we will learn about most important hardwares ie musical devices.


In this module, we will learn about how & why musical instruments are categorised. Also, we will learn about most common instruments and its application in musical piece of work.


In this module, we will learn drums and its elements. We also talk about beat making and categorisation of different percussive sounds.


In this module, we will learn about structure of a typical song in Indian Music, Western Music and other.


In this module, we will learn most fundamental and easiest way of musical arrangement in the song.


In this module, we will learn how to make music using software aka Digital Audio Workstation ie DAW.


The most Important part in this course and most crucial to understand. In this module, we will learn how to go about making background music for any vocal composition.


Practice makes man/woman perfect!


Learn how to mix your musical work in most efficient style and fastest way.


Number of ways to earn using your music producing skill.


Wait for it!

Material Includes

  • Combination of Videos and Pdfs.
  • Downloadables will be sent to your email once you enroll for this course!


  • 1. Laptop or Desktop
  • 2.Internet Connection
  • 3.Passion
  • 4.Off-line students need to come to studio for sessions and practice.
  • 5. Online Students will get Zoom link to learn in Realtime in studio with interactive session with trainer.