Studio Technician Course

About Course

Its "Professional Certificate" Course. Designed by experianced Studio Engineers themselves with utmost practical approach. Certificate is offered by 'Filmix Studios', Pune. One of the best Studio in the city for film Sound and Music. This course is step by step procedure to become a world class studio technician and course has most important content of sound engineering. This course is great for becoming studio technician in real studios and also you can easily make your own setup with right knowledge and mindset and deliver services to the artists after completing this course. Also the starting sessions are in online mode and practical sessions will be conducted offline in real studio with studio engineers.


Course consists of 8+ modules covering most of the real life applications part required by a studio in-house sound engineer in the simplest way possible.

Each module consists of 5 to 10 minutes short but detailed explanation videos

Online + Offline sessions.


  • Completion Certificate with verifiable QR code.
  • Fast learning.
  • Less time needed to get a head start.
  • Save money and time.
  • Get Professional Studio exposure.
  • Practical Focussed.
  • Learn from those already working as professionals in the industry.
  • Simplified content personally made by Studio engineers.
  • Start earning earlier than any other course from a college or Institute.
  • Able to set up your own setup, we will give our personal recommendation.

Who can join this course?

  • Anyone interested in sound engineering.
  • Even School kids can join as this course is made in simplest way possible.
  • Students who don’t want to spend lacs of rupees and vast time in learning in orthodox way and want to start their professional journey as soon as possible.
  • Smart and passionate students who are currently pursuing formal education such as engineering, Law, Commerce or other who want the most professional course in simplest and fastest way.
  • Who have joined such Academy courses  but didn’t enjoy their boring way of explanation in conventional ways.
  • IT professionals who think to do some exciting stuff in their hectic work schedule and are passionate.
  • YouTube singers who want to Record,Edit and Mix themselves.
  • Mixing in the proper way.
  • Whoever dreams to have Studio exposure.
  • Who dreams to work as an audio engineer in the film and music industry in the future.
  • Anyone who wants to open their Recording studio or a professional home studio.


What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Fundamentals of Sound Engineering.
  • 2. Able to record any Artist/Instrumentalist confidently.
  • 3. Able to make your own recording studio setup and running within a few days.
  • 4. Working in a professional recording studio.
  • 5. Use software for recording, Edit, Mixing, Mastering.
  • 6. Improve the acoustics of your room.
  • 7. Edit your song or music & edit your film sound.
  • 8. You can set up your own studio or apply for a job after completing this course.

Topics for this course

37 Lessons2h 18m


Welcome & How to complete this course?6:31


Under this Module, We are going to learn about Fundamental Concepts and some important terminologies.


We will learn about Musical Gears, Hardwares.


In this module we will learn about how to use this DAW and basic functionalities and a tour of various buttons and its location in an interface!


In this Module, We'll learn to record with other useful tools which is related to efficient recording.


After completing chapters in this module, we will be able to edit any song or sound clips in the project. We will also be able to edit with speed using secret short cuts.


In this module, we will go in depth about recording and some important practices.


In this module, You Will learn about Sound design and Foley Recording for Films.


This module is vast and deep. After covering this module you will be able to mix any song or a Short film confidently.


In this module, you will learn how to improve your room acoustics for descent Recording & Mixing. Also you will learn about electricity requirement and nullify mysterious noise problem.


In this module, You will learn ways of earning using your skill.


Let's reveal when you complete this course!

Material Includes

  • Combination of Videos and Pdfs.
  • Downloadables will be sent to your email once you enroll for this course!


  • 1. Laptop or Desktop
  • 2.Internet Connection
  • 3.Passion
  • 4.Off-line students need to come to studio for sessions and practice.
  • 5. Online Students will get Zoom link to learn in Realtime in studio with interactive session with trainer.